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Pay As You GoBasic SubscriptionBusiness Subscription
I need a reliable service to send files occassionalyI need a reliable service to send files regularly.Our business has more than one user and we need a reliable serice to send files regularly.
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Number of Accounts116
Send large files Easily and SecurelyPay per send
Send files and/or FoldersPay per send
Zip multiple files or folders and send them as a package
Recover from a broken connection (Saves time and bandwidth to send/receive a file)

Broken Network connections

Recovering from a broken network connection is very easy with sendeaZy. Once the connection is restored, the transmission will begin from where it left off instead of starting over from the beginning. The Pause and Resume feature of sendeaZy is very powerful. When your boss asks you to take care of something urgent (while a transfer is going on), you don't have to slow down. You can simply pause the transmission, take care of the request from your boss and Resume the transmission. It's also nice feature when you are in the middle of a transfer and it's time for you to leave. You can pause and exit sendeaZy and Resume the transmission at any other time.

Sequence send and receive in a queue to avoid network choking


When you want to send multiple files, most of the programs will either do it all at once or force you to wait until the current transmission is complete. sendeaZy however gives you the flexibility of queuing the transmission (both send and receive). sendeaZy will keep sending or receiving files one after the other. This will avoid network choking and slow transmission, while allowing you to enqueue them at once and carry out your other chores. You can also enqueue other files to other recipients while the transfer is in progress.

Send to one or more recipients at once
Request Downloaded Confirmation

Download Confirmation

You can choose to receive a download confirmation once the recipient downloads the file successfully. If there are multiple recipients, you will receive individual confirmation from each of them.

Pay per use
Forward a file that's uploaded earlier (and not expired)Pay per use
Notify recipient by email

Email Notification

Once, the file upload is complete, an email notification will be sent to your recipient list. A recipient need NOT be a member of sendeaZy.

(Recipient need not be a member of sendeaZy)
Ability to use the application to download files (saves time)

Download using sendeaZy

Downloading files using sendeaZy application provides the benefits of queuing, pause and resume. So, you don't have to worry about broken connections and starting over.

Ability to set a location (folder) for downloaded files

Download Location

As part of preferences, you can choose a folder of your choice to download the files to. So, when you don't have enough space left on a specifice drive, you can simply change this parameter to download files into a different drive and folder.

Receive files on your website using dPObox™ feature

dPObox™ (digital PO box)

The "dPObox"™ stands for "digital Post Office Box" - where all the files are delivered to. It just works like a PO box. Any one who knows your dPObox™Id, can you send you a file without having to be a member of sendeaZy. You can also receive files on your website using dPObox™. All subscribers to sendeaZy subscription plans receive a dPObox™Id. If you don't have one, please contact

Branded dPObox to deposit files(Optional)

Branded dPObox™

We can brand the dPObox™ to your liking. The webpage for the dPObox™ upload will follow your website template and guidelines. For your business partner, it's like dealing with you and not with us.

Secure files with a login/password (Recipient cannot view or download without login/password)Pay per use
Encrypted transfer (upload/download)
Login Automatically

Automatic Login

To improve file sending and receiving experience, you can be logged in automatically to sendeaZy application. You don't have login everytime you are sending or receiving file. sendeaZy's automatic login mechanism does not store your login/password on your computer.

Virus Scanning
Set allowed number of Downloads
Set Remove after Download

Remove after download

You have the option to specify that the file be expired as soon as all the recipients Download (or reject) the file.

Secure your dPObox™ with a password (Restricts access)

Secured dPObox™

The dPObox™ (digital PO box) can be secured with a password. If you would like to limit others from sending files without your permission, you can set a password. Your business partner will be prompted for a password to upload a file.

Number of days available online1 Week*1 Week1 Month
Save emails in address book
Set default Preferences (Enhances file sending experience)

Default Preferences

The default preferences are used for your everyday file transfers. Based on your current file sending pattern, you can select your preferences. Setting appropriate default preferences improves your file sending/receiving experience significantly.

Specify Preferences for each delivery(Flexibility to meet your demands)

Override Preferences

Overriding default preferences for a specific file sending is easy with a click on a button. This will enable you to meet the demands of a particular file send. For example, if your default preference is not to password protect, you may want override it and password protect for sending an important file.

Installation support (if needed)Email only
Monthly or Yearly subscription choice


There are no long term contracts with sendeaZy. By subscribing to monthly payment plan, you have absolute control on your subscription. However, to simplify your billing process, you can choose to pay it yearly. If at any point of time you stop sending files, you simply cancel the account and you will be charged only for the months you used and the rest will be refunded.

Set number of days the file should remain available online

File Expiration

As a business plan member, you can choose the number of days a file should be available online. It can be as small as 1 day or it can be as large as the maximum permissible time under the plan.

Workflow customizable (Optional)
Customizable to run it on a schedule(Optional)
Technical SupportEmailEmailEmail/Phone
Maximum size of the file1 GB*2 GB4 GB
Maximum total storage1 GB
(Per account)
2 GB
(Per account)
12 GB
(in all accounts)
Branding (of email notification, download page etc)Optional
(Call for pricing)
Pay As You GoBasic SubscriptionBusiness Subscription
I need a reliable service to send files occassionalyI need a reliable service to send files regularly.Our business has more than one user and we need a reliable serice to send files regularly.
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Advantages of sendeaZy

  • Easy to send large files & folders
  • Receive large files & folders
  • One click download
  • Members download free using sendeaZy app
  • Drag and Drop send
  • Pause and Resume
  • Download confirmation
  • Compression to transfer faster
  • Password Protect files

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