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Basic Subscription

This monthly subscription plan will give you the freedom to use a large number of sendeaZy features.

Ideal for
  • Professional who send/receive large files regularly as part of their business.
  • Professionals who would like to provide a quality service to their business partners without compromising security or professional etiquitte.
  • Users who don't mind paying a small monthly fee for an "Ad free, Virus Free and Spam Free" service.
Features Avaiable
  • Send large files and folders upto 2GB to anyone in the world
  • Receive files on your website
  • Receive files from anyone in the world by providing them with your dPObox™ address
  • Send to multiple recipients at the same time (No need to upload multiple times)
  • Full control on when to pause and resume transfer
  • Encrypted Transfer (during upload/download)
  • Files sent and received are virus scanned for your protection.
  • Maintain local addressbook.
  • Secure files/folders with a login/password of your choice
  • Forward a file you already sent(If the file did not expire, No need to upload again)
  • A clean and flexible service for your every day file exchanges.

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