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sendeaZy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • General
    • Is sendeaZy available as one time basis?
      • Yes. When signing up, select "Pay As You Go" and choose an amount you would like to charge up. If you are already a free trial member, login by clicking on Memberlogin and change your plan. You can change plans any time.

    • What browsers would you suggest?
      • We believe sendeaZy would work on any browser. We have tested and found that the following browsers work well with sendeaZy.
        Firefox 3.0.8
        Internet Explorer 7
        Google Chrome 3.0
        Safari 4.0

    • Can I customize the software?
      • Many features of the software can be customized. Please contact our toll free number (888) 9 so eaZy (888-976-3299) for more information.

    • I like your software, can I refer it to my friends, collegues and business associates?
      • Thank you, we sincerely appreciate it. Please login into the website and recommend it to your friends, colleagues or business associates. To thank you for your referral, we will reward with one month free to you and your friend, colleague or business associate.

    • What is a dPObox?
      • The "dPObox" stands for "digital Post Office Box" - where all the files are delivered to. You can send your dPObox id or url to anyone so that they can deposit files into your dPObox. (It works like a drop box.) You can download the file using your dPObox.

    • What is a Queue?
      • The Queue is used to queue files for send and receive so as to send/receive one file at a time. While a file in the Queue is being delivered, you can continue to use the application to queue more files to be sent or downloaded.

    • Can I delete a file from the Queue?
      • Yes, just select the line you would like to delete and click on the "Delete from Queue" button.

    • Who is Ramp Information Technology Inc?
      • Ramp Information Technology Inc has been in business since 1999 and has been providing IT and Project management consulting services. The product sendeaZy was created by the staff of Ramp Information Technology Inc.

  • Send / Recieve
    • Does the recipient need to have an account?
      • The recipient does NOT need an account with sendeaZy. If you have an account with sendeaZy, you can send a file to anyone in the world with an email address and access to a browser. The recipient will receive an email notification and with a simple click they can download the file to their computer. If the recipient has an account and the sendeaZy software, there are advantages like - recovering upon a broken connection, downloading multiple files at once etc.

    • Does the recipient need the software to be installed on their desktop?
      • No. They can either receive the file by clicking on a link in the notification email or by using a browser. If they have an account with sendeaZy and have installed it on their desktop, they can enjoy many benefits of sendeaZy - like recovering upon a broken connection, downloading multiple files at once, compression and many more features.

    • Do I need an account to download using sendeaZy app?
      • Yes. The sender uses recipient email address(es) to send files. To download files using sendeaZy app, the recipient should have a sendeaZy account with the same email address. This security measure ensures that the files sent by sendeaZy subscribers reach the intended recipient only.

        There is no cost to download files using sendeaZy app and recipients may download files by signing up for free trial account. The recipients may continue to download files even after expiry of free trial.

        (Recipients who would like to download files using webbrowser, by clicking download link in email notification, need not have an account with sendeaZy. The account is required only when the recipients like to download files using sendeaZy app.)

    • Can I send a folder?
      • Yes, it's as easy as dragging and dropping a folder onto the sendeaZy icon or by right clicking and send to - sendeaZy. You may also send folders from the application by clicking on "Add Files or Folders" button and selecting a folder (Do not double a click folder to be sent, instead click once and click on "sendeaZy - add file or folder" button.) The files in the folder will be zipped and sent to the recipients. To ensure a successful delivery, there should be enough space on your computer to create a temporary zip file. Upon completion of the upload, the temporary zip file will be removed.

    • Can I specify a location for downloaded files?
      • Yes, please update your preferences by clicking on "Edit" and then "Preferences". You can use the "Browse" button in this screen to select a download location.

    • Can I send more than one file in the same transmission?
      • Yes. You can select one or more files and drag and drop or right click and "Send to" - sendeaZy. Optionally you can also add more files and folders from the sendeaZy application. So as to ensure the delivery of the entire package, sendeaZy will zip all of them and send it as one package.

    • Can I send to more than one recipient at the same time?
      • Yes, you can enter more than one email address in the "To" field. Just type a comma after every email to send to multiple recipients.

    • Can I send a message to the recipient along with the file?
      • Yes, you can type and send a subject and a message to the recipients along with the file. The message field size is limited to 400 characters.

    • What name of the file is used when there more than one file?
      • When you are sending one file at a time, the file name will be retained as is. When you are sending more than one file, they are zipped into one file for transmission. This helps in way that the complete set of files are available for the recipient to download. The name of the file will be in this format. "#"_Files_in_"FirstFileName".zip. So for example, if are sending 3 files and the first file name is test.txt, the file name would be "". Similarly when a folder is being sent, the folder's name is used for the zip file name.

    • How long does the file stay available online?
      • File expiration is based on the plan type and preferences set by the sender. For example, if basic plan member sends a file, it will expire after a week. If the sender chooses that the file should expire in 3 days, it will be available for 3 days and will not be availble after that.

    • I clicked on the link to download the file and it says the file has expired. What does that mean?
      • Files uploaded to sendeaZy expire after a certain period. The expiration is based on many factors including the plan selected by the sender and preferences the sender chose for the file. If you click on a link and see that the file has expired, you need to contact the sender to resend the file. When the sender resends the file, you will receive a brand new email link that will be different from the expired one.

    • A file was appearing until yesterday in my dPObox. I don't see it today. Why don't I see the file?
      • The dPObox does not show expired files. You can contact the sender for resending the file. You may also contact support by sending an email to

  • Features
    • What kind of files can I send/receive?
      • You can send any kind of computer files. For example they may be pictures from your camera, personal videos, music you might have created , documents (word, excel, pdf etc.), engineering drawings, architectural plans, project plans and the list goes on.

    • What operating systems are supported?
      • Our software would work on many platforms with out any changes to it. This includes Microsoft Windows (XP Professional, XP Home, XP Media center, Vista, Windows 7 ), Apple Macintosh, Unix, Linux, Solaris etc. While some features like "Right click and Send to" are limited to some platforms, you can use the software to send files and folders on other platforms.

    • What are the minimum system requirements?
      • A computer with any operating system capable of running Java 1.6 and a network connection.

    • Can I see the progress of the file being sent/received?
      • Yes, if you click on the Queue tab, you will be able view the current file being sent/received and the progress.

    • Can I pause the transmission to take care of something more urgent?
      • Yes, just click on "Queue" tab and click on "Pause". Once you are ready to resume , you can click on "Resume" or "Begin Transmission".

        Optionally, sending a new file/downloading another file would resume upload/download.

        One of the benefit of pause and resume is the ability pause transfer while at work and resume transfer once you get home (or even the next day.)

    • Can I reorder the items in the queue?
      • This release does not re-order items in the queue. However, if this feature is important for you, please call our toll free number (888) 9 so eaZy (888-976-3299).

  • Billing
    • Is sendeaZy a free service?
      • sendeaZy is a service that's available on a subscription basis. To protect our members' privacy and security of their files, we have created a subscription model.

    • What is the cost?
      • Please review the plans in the "Features and Plans" tab and select a plan that works best for you.

    • Can I pay yearly instead of every month?
      • Yes. Once you select a plan of your choice, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. At this time, we use Paypal's subscription model. You may cancel the service at any time.

    • Is there a cost to the software in addition to the subscription plan?
      • No. We don't charge for the software. Your subscription is to use sendeaZy service.

    • Are software upgrades free?
      • The software will be upgraded from time to time. There is no cost to such software upgrades. The subscription plans may be adjusted to meet your needs from time to time. Please review Subscription plans periodically to note changes (if any.)

    • How does your service differentiate from others?
      • With our service, you will be able share any files/folders and not just pictures or videos. Our service has many advantages including but not limited to encrypted transfers, pause and resume, queuing to avoid choking and securing files with a login/password of your choice.

        We intend to keep our service free of advertisements and not share or sell your contact information. Your subscriptions help us to implement procedures that will enhance the privacy and security of your information and your files. Simply put, we are working for you and in your interest.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?
      • At this time, we use Paypal for accepting payments. We can accept Visa/Mastercard or any other payment types Paypal would allow.

    • Do you store my credit card information in your database?
      • We depend on Paypal to receive payments and DO NOT store your credit card information in our databases.

    • Am I bound to a long term contract?
      • No. The monthly or yearly subscription model is for your convenience. Once, you are subscribed, you may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, you will be charged until the end of the month and if there is any credit, it will be refunded.

    • How can I cancel the service?
      • While we do respect your choice, may we ask why you are cancelling? If we did not meet your expectations, we would like to know about them. You will be entered into a drawing to earn a gift certificate for sharing your experience. We strive hard to meet or exceed our customer expectations and would like to learn what caused your decision.

        Please call our toll free number (888) 9 so eaZy (888-976-3299) to cancel your account if you still feel your expectations are not met.

    • How do I convert my Free trial plan to Basic or Business plan?
      • Thanks for trying our service and glad to know you like it. To convert into a Basic or Business plan, simply login using the Member login link on sendeaZy's website. In My Account tab, click on Profile and change the plan from Free trial to Basic or Business and update. You will be forwarded to Paypal for payment processing. Once the payment process is complete, you will be automatically converted into a paying plan user. If you have any trouble, please don't hesitate to call us.

  • Security
    • Are the files I am receiving virus scanned?
      • We virus scan any files coming into our servers and remove (yes remove) the files that contain viruses from our servers right away. The status against every file will indicate if they were virus scanned. We strongly recommend you to obtain a virus scanning software for your computer.

    • Can I set a login/password for my files?
      • Yes, you can protect all your file transmissions or individual transmissions with a login/password of your choice. Simply specify a login/password by, clicking on "Edit" then "Preferences", Select "Document Level security" to "Yes". You can override this at any time by selecting override preferences radio button. We recommend that, you notify the recipient(s) with the login/password on your own so as to protect the privacy of the file.

    • Are the files encrypted?
      • The files are encrypted in transmission (upload/download) We can also customize the software if enhanced encryption levels are needed. Please call us at the toll free number (888) 9 so eaZy (888-976-3299) for more information.

    • Do we have to open any ports on the firewall?
      • sendeaZy software on your desktop does not require any incoming ports to be opened. This protects your computer from hackers. sendeaZy connects to the sendeaZy servers to send and receive files. If you have any restrictions on the outbound connection from your computer, we suggest you add a rule to allow network traffic between your computer and

    • If I select Automatic Login, is my login/password information stored on my computer?
      • No. To protect your privacy and security, we developed a process that does not save your login/password on your computer. At the same time, selecting "Automatic Login" will allow you to seamlessly login to the sendeaZy program.

    • If I selected Automatic Login, is there a way to clear it so that someone else can login with their login/password?
      • Yes. Please click on "Edit" and then on "Remove Automatic Login" and Exit. The next time, you bring up the application, you will be prompted for login password.

    • How do I change login/password?
      • Please login to the website, and you will be able to change the password by going to 'Change password'.

    • What does the 'File Status' mean?
      • Awaiting Scan / Started - The sender has uploaded the file. The file is not scanned yet for viruses. Download it at your own risk.

        Scanned - The file was scanned and no known virus signatures found. The file is ready for download.

        Virus / Deleted - The file was scanned and a virus was found. The file is deleted to protect your security and is not available for download.

        Takedown - The file was taken down upon a complaint, please contact customer service.

  • Support
    • Is there customer service available?
      • Please don't hesitate to call us if you are having trouble using the software. Our technical support team will be glad to assist you. (You can also view the FAQs and browse the knowledge base if you would rather try to solve it on your own.)

    • I need help installing and configuring the software?
      • We have many flash videos that describe the installation and using of the software in the Help/Demo tab. However, if you would rather speak to someone, please don't hesitate to call our tech support.

    • I have registered and was expecting an email for activation. When I go back to register again, I get an error message that the email already exists? How do I go about correcting this?
      • Your spam filters might have flagged the email as a spam. If you have looked in your spam already, please contact our customer support and provide your email address and contact information.

    • When I am registering, I am getting an error message to contact customer support. Can you please help?
      • To protect your security, we have implemented some security features. Please call our technical support and they will help you fix this issue.

  • Privacy and Spam
    • Does your software contain any malware or spyware?
      • No. We respect your privacy and your secure data. We assure that our software does not contain any malware or spyware.

    • I see you are asking for my email address to register. How is my email address used?
      • Your email address is used in the following ways.
        We do not sell or rent our customer contacts to any one.
        Send download notifications to recipients
        Identify sender to the recipient
        Identify sender contact in case of password secured files
        Send Download confirmations
        Other sendeaZy related communications

  • Copyright
    • Can I send music that I downloaded from the internet?
      • You are completely responsible for the files you send to your recipients. Copyright protected or piracy law protected files should not be transferred. While there is no restriction of file types sent, we are committed to antipiracy and Copyright protection. Upon receipt of a complaint, we will take immediate steps to stop piracy - which may include immediate termination of your account without a refund. We will co-operate to the fullest extent with authorities to protect Copyright and Antipiracy laws. If you believe, your copyrighted material is being transferred using our service, please contact to submit complaint.

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How is my email used?

  • Send notifications to recipients
  • Identify sender to the recipient
  • Identify sender contact in case of password protected files
  • Send Download confirmations
  • Send Activity reports
  • Other sendeaZy related communications
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